11/05/2017 02:42

Katmerciler at IDEF’17 Fair with its Growing Family of Armored Vehicle

Katmerciler has entered in Turkish defense industry powerfully and drawn the attention with particularly 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles and wide defense portfolio and in this context; it participated powerfully in IDEF’17 International Defense Fair to be organized between 9 and 12 May 2017.

Katmerciler has launched NEFER armor system as an innovative solution for the first time  in our country in armoring with HIZIR, the most powerful and equipped combat vehicle of its segment in 2016 and now, it is scoring a victory for an innovation with 4×4 armored ambulance exhibited for the first time at IDEF Fair. Armored ambulance with ballistic protection has been designed and developed for transport, first aid and transfer of patients in highly risky areas.

Katmerciler  is exhibiting further three powerful vehicles as well along with its armored ambulance offered to the sector: HIZIR, one of  4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles; KHAN, Armored personnel carrier vehicle and 4×4 off-road jeep armored with NEFER developed in NATO standards and reinforced ballistically.

Road and performance tests of HIZIR and KHAN have been completed successfully.

When four vehicles of Katmerciler are being exhibited, stand no.807 full of innovations in saloon no.8 where Katmerciler has introduced its defense portfolio is flooded by visitors.

  • Solution Partner of Sector

Katmerciler was established in 1985 and has entered in Turkish defense industry with Riot Control Vehicles (RCV) having been produced as from 2010. Katmerciler is recognized with its attitude which makes no compromise on business and service quality.

In addition to product portfolio for different requirements of the country and armed forces, the company has a prominent position with fast and flexible production competence and is increasingly strengthening its leader and innovative aspect and a successful company in reflecting such aspect on its products with R&D Center certified by the Ministry of Industry.

Riot control shield, remote controlled armored tracked excavator, armored backhoe loader, armored bus, armored tipper, armored lowbed trailer, armored water tanker and armored ADR tanker are included in Katmerciler’s wide product range for defense sector.

  • Vehicles Exhibited in the Fair

Katmerciler has introduced 4×4 armored ambulance for the first time in this fair and characteristics of the vehicles entirely developed and produced by Katmerciler in its own R&D Center and exhibited at the stand in the fair are summarized below:

HIZIR: The Most Powerful Combat Vehicle of the Industry

It has been launched by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at 3rd High-Tech Port by MÜSİAD fair and won a great deal of recognition. Tactical wheeled armored combat vehicle with the highest motor power of its class in Turkish defense industry.

It has been developed in line with NATO standards, in 4×4 configuration with high maneuvering power and appropriate for operational requirements of security forces. It has a capacity for 9 personnel and is reinforced ballistically and has high protection level against mines and improvised explosives. It has been designed so as to display high performance under intensive clash conditions in the countryside and urban areas. It is perfectly a security-increasing vehicle with all its properties for armed forces and security forces.

It functions as HIZIR, command and control vehicle, CBRN vehicle, arm carrying vehicle into which various arm systems can be easily integrated, ambulance vehicle, border security vehicle, scout vehicle and has multi-functional properties, low cost and easy maintenance.

4×4 Armored Ambulance

4×4 armored ambulance has been designed and equipped on Ford F550 vehicle chassis with the purpose of transport, first aid and transfer of patients in highly risky areas. Ambulatory treatment facilities are available thanks to its wide exterior.

Vehicle can hold 5 patients, 2 medical personnel and 8 persons including the driver. Armored ambulances with 300 HP and 4×4 driving characteristics and produced appropriately for all road and climate conditions provide a complete security for driver, medical personnel and patient. It can be designed in any configuration desired and in line with different ballistic levels.

NEFER: New Generation Armor System

The name of the new armoring system offered by Katmerciler to the sector is NEFER. It has been first introduced in 3rd  High-Tech Port by MÜSİAD fair and has drawn a great interest. This composite based armoring system is lighter than armor steel and therefore, it does not make the vehicle heavy when providing the same protection level and is able to be optimized for both countryside and inner-city usage on the vehicles with 4×4 off-road properties.

NEFER armor system has been implemented on Rubicon Jeep as the first model of its category in Turkey and exhibited in said fair. Armoring system which can be implemented on 4×4 off-road vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruiser, Volkswagen Amarok and Ford F550 can also be implemented on other tracked and wheeled vehicles. Katmerciler is carrying out its activities so as to use this technology on armored ambulances as well as combat vehicle HIZIR and personnel transport vehicle KHAN.

Such vehicles having a special place with high mobility and reaction speed can challenge all ground and climate conditions. Since vehicle-specific and the latest technology composite and ceramic based materials are developed in this armoring system, vehicle nearly never loses its performance and is included in full and high protection class. It has a higher capacity of maneuvering when compared to its equivalents and at the same time, is a more comfortable vehicle. When looking from outside, you cannot understand that these vehicles are armored; and they are considerably appropriate vehicles for use by the persons such as minister, member of parliament, commander, governor, chief of police which require high security and protection.

KHAN: First Member of APC Family

It is the first member of 4×4 tactical wheeled armored personnel carrier (APC) family which Katmerciler has developed in line with NATO standards with ballistic shield and provides high security against improvised explosives. It has the capacity of holding eight personnel. It is a fast, dynamic, multi-functional and maintenance friendly vehicle. It has monocoque armor steel body providing high ballistic protection on Toyota Land Cruiser chassis. The vehicle has been developed so as to meet all requirements of internal security forces for the operations under all rural and urban climate conditions.