06/10/2015 14:50

Kazakhstan lawmakers OK deal with Russia on radar complex for missile attack warning

Kazakhstan’s upper house of parliament has ratified the inter-governmental agreement with Russia on using the Balkhash complex at its Thursday’s session, said TASS news agensy.

The agreement outlines the conditions of using Kazakhstan’s Balkhash complex in the Russian missile attack warning system. Balkhash was used in the Russian system in accordance with the inter-governmental agreement from 14 December 1994. The new document on using the complex, signed in December 2014, replaces earlier agreements.

“Signing the new agreement was prompted by the necessity of reviewing certain provisions and taking into account the interests of Kazakhstan in using the complex,” Kazakhstan’s Deputy Defense Minister Okas Saparov said at the session.

Saparov noted that the document outlined several new conditions. In particular, the agreement envisages gradual transition to jointly operating the Balkhash complex and organization of training for Kazakhstani servicemen. Russia also pledged to share data received from the missile attack warning system and space control system with Kazakhstan until the end of 2016.

The new document also envisages a smaller land plot at the Balkhash complex used by the Russian side.

“The agreement is in line with the foreign policy course of friendship and cooperation between our countries. The Balkhash plays an important role in ensuring military security of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation,” Saparov stressed.