29/12/2016 20:54

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering fulfilled commitments on delivery of “Arlan” AWV

“Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP fulfilled contractual commitments on delivery of “Arlan” armored wheel vehicles of its own production to into service of the Kazakhstan Army.

“Arlan” armored wheeled vehicles were delivered to military units of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The employees of the company provided training for units’ personnel to ensure the effective operation of the vehicles.

The multi-purpose “Arlan” armored vehicle is developed by Kazakhstan specialists in design bureau of the company taking into account requirements and recommendations of domestic armed forces and completely manufactured in our own production facilities in record time.

“Arlan” is a multi-purpose armored wheel vehicle with the armored antimine protection. The vehicles of this type have a high ground clearance, the V-shaped bottom, withstanding debris and dissipating the blast energy.  The armored vehicle is highly mine-protected and can withstand shots from any firearms. The fighting weight of the vehicle is 16 tons, vehicle crew 2+8 people, it can reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and it is completely adapted under severe climatic conditions of exploitation in temperature range from -50 C up to +50 C. -50 C. There are no analogs of the similar equipment in Armed Forces of the republic for today.

KPE Arlan

Moreover  Design Bureau is developed the following:

– “Nomad” AWV is designed for police forces and law enforcement agencies, in order to carry out crowd control, public order and specialized operations;

– “Barys 6х6” is a revolutionary low-profile armored personnel carrier, providing outstanding protection, mobility and fire power.

– “Barys 8х8” – multi-role armored vehicle, equipped with breakthrough technologies. Armored personnel carrier was developed taking into consideration compliance with increasing demand for multi-role, high mobility and mine hardened platforms in the region.

For today the company has all the necessary design and technological documentation for the production of armored vehicles.

For reference:

“Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP is the largest company in Central Asia for the production of modern armored wheeled vehicles. The company has an innovative technology that allows to produce armored vehicles with armored anti-mine protection according to MRAP type.

“Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering” LLP aims to ensure the advanced technology for domestic forces, the maximum localization of production and subsequent export products to international markets. The company has mastered the entire process of production process (cutting, bending, welding, manufacturing of the vehicle hull, painting, testing, etc.), the technical engineer personnel is created, for the complete customer satisfaction the Design Bureau is created.