01/05/2017 15:10

Kazakhstan start production of radars together with Thales

“Granit Thales Electronics” plant on the production of new generation radar equipment has been inaugurated in Kazakhstan

April 28, the inauguration of the joint Kazakh-French venture on production of 3D S-band wave Ground Master-400 radars (Kazakhstan index “NUR”) has taken place in Almaty region.

The participants of this project – “Special Designing and Technological Bureau “Granit” LLP and “Thales” Company (France) signed the bilateral memorandum on 3D S-band wave Ground Master-400 radars production (NUR radar (Ground Master-400)) in Kazakhstan.

The similar project is being carried out for the first time in Central Asia for provision of the needs of Kazakhstan Army, and also other states of the region. Under its implementation it is planned to reach more than 70% of localization level, by assembling and integrating the radars with the kits, units, communication equipment and special automotive vehicles which are produced in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. More than 150 jobs are being created in “Granit-Thales Electronics” LLP, the transfer of technologies is considered.

The radar equipment that is planned to be produced in Kazakhstan is one of the best in the world on the technical characteristics, is intended for the use in the purpose of radar reconnaissance and airspace control.

In 2014 the enterprise delivered a radar prototype to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, further tests in military units’ sites of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan proved all declared technical characteristics.

Within the project the development of perspective types of the radar equipment production is also possible.