22/09/2015 17:15

“Kirpi” turned into such situation after the blast – PHOTO

“Kirpi” mine protected armoured vehicle (MRAP) on armyrecognition produced by Turkish BMC company faced problems at the operation zones.

“AzeriDefence” reports quoting Turkish “Hurriyyet” web site, the vehicle was serious damaged on September, 15, during operations in Mush province. At the blast the “Kirpi” vehicle was divided into two parts, 12 soldiers were injured.

According to the videos and photos published in Turkish media, the body frame of the “Kirpi” vehicle, which is often called like “Moving castle” was divided into two and the engine was blasted out.

Analysis of photos and videos and previously happened incidents allows to say that security level of “Kirpi” MRAP does not meet the security requirements as the manufacturing company claimed.

Several years ago militants of Turkish Armed Forces noticed that bottom side of “Kirpi” resisted to blast but side blasts forces the vehicle to overturn. That’s why Turkish Armed Forces had to search for new MRAP.

Note that, presently BMC company are working to sell “Kirpi” MRAPs to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and several other post-Soviet and Arab states.