13/11/2017 13:51

Mi-28UB helicopters to join Russian Aerospace Forces

The Mi-28UB helicopters have been produced within the State Defense Order in 2017 for the Russia’s Ministry of Defence. The vessels will be delivered to military units of the Russia’s Aerospace Forces (ASF).

The Mi-28UB is equipped with a dual control system, which allows to pilot the helicopter both from the crew pilot-commander cockpit as well as from the pilot-operator cockpit. Along with the main strike function, the new helicopter can perform flight training and flying crew training tasks.

The helicopter, like its predecessor, maintains manoeuvrability and ability to perform combat tasks at any time day and night, it can be used for fire support of advanced ground forces and anti-tank defence. The helicopter has enhanced armour protection, a high combat survivability and is equipped with an extensive armament system.