04/06/2018 19:53

NATO spread video about activities of Azerbaijani peacekeepers in Afghanistan – VIDEO

A special video about the participation of Azerbaijani peacekeepers in NATO-led Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan has been spread in NATO’s Resolute Support Twitter account.
The video with the statement of the Senior National Representative of Azerbaijan’s military contingent in Afghanistan Lieutenant Colonel Teyfur Rustamov about the mission of participation of our country in this mission is presented.
Lieutenant Colonel Teyfur Rustamov:
“The participation in NATO-led operations is among the key areas of cooperation between the Alliance and Azerbaijan.
The National Security Concept of Azerbaijan identifies “participation in peacekeeping and crisis-response operations under the mandate of the appropriate international organizations” as one of the main objectives of its defense policy.
Participation in operations is a vivid indication of the country’s determination to contribute to international peace and security, and also serves to develop the capabilities and enhance the interoperability of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.
Proceeding from the indivisibility of security, more than 100 soldiers from Azerbaijan are taking part of the Resolute Support Mission.
Currently, two infantry companies, medical, and staff officers from Azerbaijan are serving alongside NATO forces.
Azerbaijan is committed to the future in Afghanistan.”