17/10/2016 20:37

New armored off road vehicle KrAZ-Hulk

A new 4х4 non-standard model has been added to the family of KrAZ heavy armored off road vehicles. Hulk that has the design never used on this lineup has joined Hurricane, Shrek and Fiona.

New armored vehicle is based on the KrAZ-5233 off road chassis. The difference between Hulk and Shrek is in absence of frame.  All the units are secured directly on the monocoque. GVW has been reduced to 16 tonnes (from 18 tonnes of Shrek), the height of the vehicle and access heights have been reduced, too, to improve ergonomics and performance.

V-shaped hull helps to deflect upward directed blast. Ballistic protection meets STANAG 4569 level 2.  Armor plates stops penetration of bullet emitted from any shooting angle. Moreover, bullet penetration after ricochet has been minimized.

Mine protection meets STANAG 4569 level 2а and 2b: landmine explosion (6 kg of TNT) under any wheel or bottom.

All the glasses are laminated, bulletproof, inner layer is made of double polycarbonate.

Powerful 310 hp turbocharged engine delivers speed of up to 90 km/h and ensures high performance at extreme temperatures ranging from – 45 to + 450C. Manual 9-speed transmission easily adapts the vehicle to specific operating conditions. Capacity:  12 crewmembers.

KrAZ-Hulk is multirole armored off road MRАP (mine resistant ambush protected) vehicle used for carrying personnel, various cargoes and equipment over all kinds of roads and off roads and fire support. It is provided with advanced weapons and active and passive protective measures.