01/11/2017 15:26

New Mine Clearance Vehicle AutoKrAZ

“AutoKrAZ” has added another novelty to lineup of armored vehicles. The KrAZ-6322 PM-B (heavy mine clearance vehicle) has been developed at the request of SES.  It is used for carrying special equipment, gear, explosives and destruct equipment, mine clearance, handling and carrying unexploded ordnances to disposal site.

A similar vehicle based on the КрАЗ-5233ВЕ off road chassis was built last year but it is inferior to the new special vehicles in terms of performance and configuration. Numerous optional equipment includes front and rear view cameras, dashboard camera with appropriate in-cab monitors, loudspeaker unit with beacons with guards along the vehicle perimeter, heated rear view mirrors, on-board air conditioning unit, etc. The difference is in load compartment separated from special equipment compartment by armored bulkhead protecting against horizontally fired flat-base bullets protection level ПЗСА-6. The bulkhead at an angle of 100 is a part of load compartment. Water and dustproof roller shutter door closes the upper part of load compartment. Load compartment interior is covered with fire resistant material. The load compartment accommodates two metal saves and removable welded armored pallet (for carrying unexploded ordnances) with hemispherical bottom and lifting lugs for self loading and unloading with hydraulic crane. Pallet attachments have special guides for reliable transportation and quick removal/refitting.

There is a compartment between cab and load compartment for storing equipment, gear and tools.

The armored two-seat cab meets protection level ПЗСА-4 is provided with bulletproof heated glass meeting the same protection level as appropriate body structures. The cab has two hatches at the top and seats with safety belts.

The PALFINGER crane with 12 tonnes capacity is provided with rear view camera and in-cab monitor. The crane is controlled remotely at the distance of 10 m using remote control. These mine clearance vehicles provided with state-of-the-art equipment are very needed in the east of our country for clearing deadly explosive devices, which are still in the fields, forests and localities of Donbass.