22/03/2016 13:39

NIMDA Highlights its Powerpack Upgrade Capabilities for the T-72 Tank

Nimda Co. Ltd. – part of the Nimda Diesel Group anda leading provider of upgrade and modernization programs for military and commercial vehicles– highlights its powerpack upgrade capabilities for the T-72 Main Battle Tank (MBT )at Defexpo India 2016. The company is in the advanced stages of signing an agreement with a local company, in order to move production to India.

The new 1,000 HP powerpack supplies significantly greater power than the 780 HP of the typical previous generation of the T-72 tank. With twice shorter acceleration time from stop to 32 km/h, it substantially increases mobility and maneuvering capabilities, especially on challenging terrain. Eliminating human-factor errors, the new powerpack provides higher reliability and durability, considerably reducing vehicle downtime. It also enable seasier maintenance as well as improved performance in extreme ambient temperatures.

In addition, the upgrade delivers increased tank maneuverability – and includes a fully automatic transmission, an integral air filtration system (critical in areas with an abundance of sand), and a cooling system adapted to extreme environments. This system significantly extends the life of the tank and saves on maintenance costs.