16/02/2019 17:34

Otokar to Present ARMA 6×6 and COBRA II in Abu Dhabi

Otokar, with armoured vehicles used in 32 countries across the world, attends at the IDEX to take place on February 17-21, 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. During the five-day exhibition Otokar presents its ARMA 6×6, COBRA II armoured vehicles with its own design turrets.

Otokar, a Koç Group Company, with over 30 years of experience in military vehicles, participates in IDEX 2019 in UAE. Within its wide product range, Otokar displays its ARMA 6×6 with BOZOK turret, and COBRA II 4×4 with KESKIN turret systems during the show.

Stating that Otokar boasts the widest land defence systems product range from 4×4 to 8×8, from tracked armoured vehicles to turret systems, General Manager Serdar Görgüç said “Apart from being the leading supplier of the Turkish Military and Security Forces for land systems, over 30,000 Otokar military vehicles serve almost 55 different end users in 32 countries. Our strength in the defence industry is driven by our experience, engineering and R&D capabilities, and successful use of technology.”

Mentioning Otokar’s strong presence in Gulf region, Görgüç continued: “GCC countries are particularly important for Otokar where many different vehicle types of wide Otokar military range are already serving successfully to the requirements of the region in different forces since early 2000s. Due to our broad activities in the United Arab Emirates, our establishment of Otokar Land Systems in the country in 2016 helps us a lot in our relations with all countries in the region. Through this company we became much closer to our customers and even more strengthen our existing relations.”

“Through our recent activities, Otokar is no longer playing only a vehicle manufacturer and supplier role in GCC but also enjoys its local MRO activities and even transferring its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Last year Otokar Land Systems’ joint venture company Al Jasoor signed a significant 8×8 armoured vehicle contract for UAE Armed Forces for RABDAN 8×8 Armoured Vehicles, which is displayed right beside us, in Al Jasoor stand.”

“With the aim of increasing our presence in the region, IDEX is an important opportunity for us to meet our existing users as well as potential users. We believe that our vehicles serving worldwide are the most important reference for our potential users. We will use our unique experience in response to the unique needs of the region in the best possible way.”