06/05/2017 19:48

Practical trainings were held with students of the Military Academy

Practical trainings with high-ranking officials of state bodies studying at the Strategic Studies and State Defense Management Courses at the Armed Forces Military Academy were held in the “N” military unit and at the military base of the Naval Forces in Puta settlement.

At first, the students of the courses have honored memory and laid flowers at the monument to the national leader Heydar Aliyev.

During the briefing held in the spacious conference hall, the audience was informed about the history of the establishment of military units, their structures, duties and tasks, including the peacekeeping forces. Then all questions were answered.

Having familiarized with samples of military equipment and weapons, the guests have also seen over soldiers’ barracks, mess halls, bath and laundry complexes, office premises and other military facilities.

Then the students visited the headquarters and command post of the Naval Forces equipped with the most modern technological equipment, the bridge for berthing of ships, as well as other administrative and office buildings.

At the end of the practical trainings, the students of the academic courses got acquainted with the living conditions of the military personnel and had lunch in the soldiers’ mess hall.