13/09/2015 12:48

Preparations for ADEX-2016 are going on

ADEX will become an important defence platform in the region

In 2014 Azerbaijan hosted inaugural ADEX-2014 international defence exhibition. Mr.Bahruz Hidayatzada – the director of Caspian Event Organisers who is in charge with the organization of the exhibition tells us plans about the next exhibition in 2016.

– Mr. Hidayatzadeh, the first defence exhibition in the South Caucasus region was held in Azerbaijan in September 2014 with organizational support from CEO. We would like to hear your opinion on the ADEX 2014 exhibition. What experience has been gained from the first exhibition?

– The First Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition, ADEX 2014, which was held by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence Industry and supported by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was a great success. The military exhibition was inspired by the economic progress experienced in all sectors. Holding such a specialized exhibition, of course, gives impetus to the development of the country’s defence industry and contributes to the competitiveness of the country’s military products on the world market. We therefore undertake full responsibility for and will invest all our efforts and take our utmost care in organizing this ADEX project.

Indeed, this military-related exhibition represents a new trend for us, but we found it fascinating to work on‏. Our numerous consultations with the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan helped us greatly. The success of the first exhibition and the experience gained during the implementation of the first ADEX event will certainly help us in our work during the second exhibition.

– How great is the interest in ADEX? Could you please give us information about the number of exhibitions participants and their geographical spread? (If possible, please give us information about the number of companies which participated in the exhibition, the total area of expositions, the number of national stands, the number of members of the largest delegation, the number of visitors, and the identities of VIP guests).

– The exhibition received a great amount of interest. The exhibition was attended by over 200 companies from 34 countries. Over the course of 3 days, the exhibition was attended by 22 official delegations from Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The eight national groups from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Korea, Poland, Israel, and Ukraine displayed their expositions at the exhibition. Azerbaijan, which was also represented at the exhibition, demonstrated 168 types of products for military use. On the whole, the area of the ADEX 2014 exhibition covered more than 6,000 square metres and 6,421 experts attended the exhibition over the three days.

The ADEX 2014 exhibition appeared to be a demonstration of modern weapons and equipment, as well as the power of Azerbaijan in the field of national defence. The official opening ceremony was held with the participation of Vahid Aliyev, Assistant to the President of the Azerbaijan Republic in Defence Issues; Yaver Jamalov, Minister of the Defence Industry of Azerbaijan; and Zakir Hasanov, Minister of Defence of the Republic Azerbaijan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Artur Rasi-zade,

Minister of Economics and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafaev, Deputy Minister of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan Yahya Musaev, Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Colonel-General Najmaddin Sadıqov and others.

On the first day, the exhibition was attended by President Ilham Aliyev. The VIP tour started from the Ministry of Defence Industry of the Republic Azerbaijan stand, where the President was shown various samples and models of weapons as well as locally manufactured military vehicles. The President also got acquainted with the stands of the leading foreign companies where equipment, weapons and ammunition used in the field and in the Air Forces were displayed. It should be noted that a lot of foreign dignitaries were present at the exhibition. Among them, were Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia; Kakha Kaladze, Georgian Energy Minister; Ismet Yilmaz, Minister of National Defence of Turkey; Ismayil Demir, Secretary of Defence Industries (Turkey); Major General Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al Khalifa from the Kingdom of Bahrain; Major General Lotenkov Igor Nikolayevich, Deputy Minister of Defence for Armament, Chief of Armament (Belarus); General -lieutenant Oguz Serhad Habiboglu (Turkey); Rear Admiral Wagner de Moraes Zamith, Director of Cataloguing and Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Defence of Brazil; Major General Ziyad Hamdi Macali, Deputy Chief of General Staff (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan); Boris Obnosov, General Director of Tactical Missiles Systems Corporation (Russia); Jakub Kulhanek, Deputy Minister of Defence (The Czech Republic); Moshe Ya’alon, Minister of Defence (The State of Israel); Y.B. Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, Deputy Minister of Defence (Malaysia), President of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Richard Fontaine, General Director of Turkish company МКЕК İzzet Artunç, Executive Chairman of Paramount Group Ivor Ichikowitz and others.

Over 40 bilateral meetings were held at the exhibition. The great interest in this exhibition from foreign representatives of the industry once again demonstrates the high role and importance of Azerbaijan as an important strategic partner.

– What date has the second ADEX exhibition been scheduled for? What are your expectations and plans in regard to the second exhibition? What innovations have been envisaged for the next exhibition?

– ADEX 2016 will be held from 27 to 30 September 2016 in the Baku Expo Centre. We are currently working on the layout of the exhibition. Of course, we have the most positive expectations. In 2016, we expect an even greater number of participants from more countries and, of course, an increase in the number of national pavilions. We also expect that the outdoor area in front of the Baku Expo Centre will be fully occupied with military equipment. Together, with the Ministry of Defence Industry, we are working on the program for the ADEX conference, which will be held simultaneously alongside the exhibition. We plan to invite international experts for presentations. It is too early to talk about the innovations. The companies and national pavilions are just beginning to form their expositions, but we know that the companies approach their participation with great responsibility and plan to introduce the latest technologies. I am sure that the exhibition will not leave anyone indifferent.

– Mr. Hidayatzadeh, what works has been done with regard to the international marketing of the ADEX exhibition?

– Since 2013, we have been taking part in international exhibitions under the brand of ADEX. For example, we participated in exhibitions in Turkey, Malaysia, and France at the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan Republic stand. This year, we also plan to participate in the most prestigious and largest exhibitions on military issues. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan Republic for the opportunity to promote the exhibition within the framework of Azerbaijan’s national participation in international exhibitions. By the way, thanks to our participation in international exhibitions, we can clearly see that the exhibition has already acquired a certain reputation and popularity within professional circles. We were approached by representatives of the companies that had been in Baku, who had very positive impressions about the exhibition and the city. We are also very frequently approached by professionals who have heard about the success of the first ADEX and would definitely like to attend it and take part in it.

As for our marketing activity, there are certainly many directions that we like to take it in. As you know, CEO is a professional organizer of exhibitions and conferences and in order to draw attention to them within the international community and the target audience, we use all the modern tools that are used by organizers of exhibitions and conferences. Since as early as the first exhibition we have partnered with popular and respected foreign publications and news agencies, which are well known by the military audience. These are Military Technology (Germany), Information Agency ARM-TASS (Russia), IHS Janes’s Defence Weekly, Indian Military Review (India), Defence Turkey, National Defence (Russia), Israel Defence (Israel), Defence & Security Alert (DSI) (India), Defence Express exports of arms and military complex of Ukraine, Land Warfare International (UK), Review of the Army and Navy (Russia) and many others. In total, we use more than 40 leading international publications among the foreign media. We plan to continue cooperation with all of them within the framework of the exhibition in 2016 and attract new foreign publications, news agencies, media groups and the well-known military audience. Moreover, we received a lot of positive feedback from the press, who attended the exhibition in 2014 as guests and we have already received offers of cooperation from some of them. I would also like to pay special mention to the “Azeri Defence” magazine for its close cooperation and valuable advice since the early days of the exhibition.

-Due to a lack of space at the first exhibition, some companies stated that they were not able to achieve the desired amount of representation in the limited space. Can you provide information about the works implemented in the area of elimination of these restrictions?

– We received many requests for participation in the first ADEX exhibition. The companies that applied earlier chose the larger areas. As such, those participants whose applications were received later, or those who decided to take part in the exhibition only one month prior to the exhibition could not, of course, participate on the scale that they had wished. Therefore, we advise companies to plan their participation in the Azerbaijani exhibition in advance, as interest in the ADEX is very high and negotiations are held with companies every day as we fill the floor plan. I do not think that these problems will occur in 2016.

– How many applications for participation in the second ADEX exhibition have you received so far?

– At this point, there are more than 100 companies in the preliminary list of participants. Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, South Africa, Poland, France and Israel have already confirmed their participation and use of a national exhibition pavilion. We are presently holding intensive negotiations with a number of countries with regard to their participation using national stands. The local companies are also very proactive. The Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan provides fantastic support and also plans to participate in the exhibition in 2016 on a large scale. We have very positive expectations, as demonstrated by the fact that, although there is still a year and a half left before the exhibition, the first hall has already been fully booked up. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the magazine, which has supported the exhibition ever since the very beginning; it has published interesting articles and proactively participated in the exhibition itself. I wish success to all the staff at the Azeri Defence magazine and look forward to seeing you at ADEX 2016.