09/10/2017 15:39

President of Belarus met with the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has met with the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov on October 9.

A.Lukashenko noted that Belarus intends to develop military-technical cooperation with Azerbaijan and cooperation in this sphere does not contradict international obligations.

“I do not want to justify to anybody what character our cooperation has. I just want to say one thing that our relations are in no way to violate any international treaty, not a single resolution of the Security Council and the United Nations as a whole. We are a sovereign independent states, and we have the right to determine those areas of cooperation that correspond to the spirit of the times and the requests of our states”, the Belarusian leader said.

“We have no complaints against Azerbaijanis at all. We treat them with great respect. And, most importantly, I remember well that in difficult times your President always put a shoulder to the Belarusian state”, A. Lukashenko said.

“We all remember it very well and are ready – if we can do something for Azerbaijan – to do it so that your people live in safety, the state would develop, and Azerbaijan and its people are prosperous, so that the population’s incomes would grow and that the Azerbaijanis would be even richer. We will pursue only these noble goals”, A. Lukashenko noted.

During the meeting, A. Lukashenka also said that he hopes to meet with the Azerbaijani President in the near future.

In turn, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov noted that people in Azerbaijan also love Belarus and respects it. “We have very close relations in all areas. You are absolutely right that we have something to learn from each other”, Colonel General Z. Hasanov said.

The Minister noted that there are good projects and cooperation in the military-technical field. “All this does not contradict international laws. I declare with full responsibility that the equipment we received through military-technical cooperation is of high-quality and it has been successfully applied in the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. And this gives us an opportunity to continue and even expand cooperation, we are determined to do this”, he said.