14/09/2015 00:13

Reactive fire systems from defence industry of Azerbaijan

Tests of 107 mm calibre rocket system installed on the chassis of 6×6 “Ford XLT” of National Aerospace Agency of the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan (MODIAR) has finished.

Azeri Defence said, new combination of 107 mm rocket system implements all tasks on control and all other calculations on the basis of software produced by Azerbaijani specialists. Armoured cabin of this all-terrain vehicle protects personnel from splinters during blast and bullets.

The vehicle with 400 hp engine he has 2 missile launchers installed on the top of the vehicle with 12 rockets of 107 mm calibre. Full set of the vehicle includes 24 reactive projectiles of 107 mm calibre with the range of 11 km. The vehicle with remote control panel of fire has standard navigation systems, GPS and autonomous navigation system.