01/05/2017 23:00

ROKETSAN TRG-300 TIGER Missile System present IDEF-2017

The Artillery Missile TIGER (TRG-300), designed and produced by ROKETSAN, is a ground to ground missile which can provide mass fire power on high payoff targets with coverage between 30 km and 120 km range with perfect accuracy. TIGER Missile provides timely, accurate and effective fire support to maneuvering forces.

TIGER Missile is able to hit targets accurately with its satellite system supported inertial guidance system. TIGER Missile is placed inside a canister and it is stored, transported, loaded and launched in Missile in Canister (MIC) configuration.

TIGER Missile can be launched from ROKETSAN made MBRL Weapon System, T-122/300 MBRL Weapon System, MCRL-122/300 Launching Vehicles and other compatible platforms with suitable interfaces for integration.

The Launcher is used to fulfill fire support missions for maneuvering forces against area/high pay-off targets, day & night and in adverse weather conditions. The launcher platform is integrated on a 6×6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) that has superior on-road and off-road travel capacity as well as a strong structure providing a reliable platform.

The Launcher is also a deterrent force due to its long range and mass fire capabilities. It is therefore ready for vital tasks in a very wide array of missions from peace support operations to the attack with fire missions in addition to standard tactical missions for the support of a maneuvering force.

The Launcher has shoot-and-scoot capabilities enabled by navigation, automatic hydraulic leveling & stabilization and automatic cradle laying capabilities integrated to the weapon management system.

The Launcher is equipped with the necessary mechanical, electrical and electronic sub-systems to perform various steps required (mission planning, deployment, ballistic calculation, laying etc.) in order to conduct a fire mission, either under command of Command & Control Vehicle or individually. The system can be customized in different versions, which have different sub-systems including platform (vehicles), radios, power sources, navigation system etc., in various brands and models according to the user’s logistical infra-structure and needs.

Due to the fully automatic weapon control, navigation and laying systems, the Launcher has a crew of maximum three, consisting of a commander, a gunner and a driver.



Technical Specifications of TIGER Missile
Diameter 300 mm
Maximum Range 120 km
Minimum Range 30 km
Weight 585 kg
Guidance Satellite System Aided Inertial Navigation System (INS)
Control Aerodynamical Control with Electromechanical Actuation System
Propellant Type Composite Solid
Warhead Type HE- Fragmentation (Steel Ball)
Warhead Weight 105 kg
Warhead Effective Radius ≥ 70 m
Fuze Type Proximity (with Point Detonating Backup)
Shelf Life 10 years