27/12/2015 18:47

Rostec is expanding its exports to Malaysia

Rostec Corporation’s new strategy includes increasing its exports of civilian products, particularly to new markets. The night vision devices from Shvabe are the first of their kind to be exported to Malaysia.

Rostec’s Asian partners have already tested the products in real-world conditions and have expressed their readiness to continue cooperation. These devices could be useful when driving a vehicle, reading a map while on the road, or while repairing equipment. When partnered with laser sighting, it can function as a sighting system for hunting weapons.

“This contract enables us to increase Rostec’s presence on the Malaysian market and therefore is of great importance for the state corporation,” said Viktor Kladov, head of Rostec’s Department for International Cooperation. “The Southeast Asian region is one of our top priorities, as it is a dynamic and highly promising market. Rostec intends to take its relations with Malaysia in the field of industry to a new level.”

Rostec already has a presence in the Malaysian market. In November 2014, Concern Kalashnikov concluded contracts for the supply of some of its products for civilian use. In March 2015, during the international exhibition of aerospace and naval equipment LIMA-2015, held in Malaysia, Rostec presented a variety of samples of its products.