10/11/2017 14:20

Russian Airborne Troops to receive 20 UAVs by late 2017

UAV units of the Russian Airborne Troops will receive roughly 20 multi-role Orlan, Eleron and Tahion UAV complexes by the end of 2017.

The UAV systems are equipped with replaceable modules with modern infrared photo and video cameras on gyroscope-stabilized rotating platform and rebroadcasting equipment.

The UAVs are to be used during exercises in order to conduct air, optoelectronic, radio and radio-technical reconnaissance, and transmit target data to the means of fire and spotting means.

Besides, the application of new UAVs during various exercises including the international ones will provide photo- and video coverage at remote areas.

Modern UAVs are capable of operating in midair from 2 to 18 hours and accomplish tasks at the altitudes ranging from several dozens to several thousand meters.

UAVs are capable to move at a speed of 40 to 160 km/h, and transmit the data to the operator at a distance up to 60 km.