15/11/2017 15:44

Russian Defence Ministry to receive final batch of Tigr armored vehicles by the end of 2017

Final batch of the Tigr armored vehicles is to be introduced into units of the Russian Defence Ministry in course of the State Defence Order by the end of 2017.

The vehicles are design to transport personnel and different cargos. The vehicle is capable to deliver 6-9 servicemen and 1,200 kg of cargos.

The GAZ-2330 Tigr is a 4×4 multi-role, all-terrain light armoured vehicle manufactured by Military Industrial Company (BMK), a part of GAZ Group.

The Tigr is equipped with a powerful diesel engine with the turbo charging and air cooling system and a five-level manual gearbox. The independent torsion suspension of all the wheels, telescopic shock-absorbers and regulated pressure tires ensure exceptional cross-country ability, high speed of 80 km/hour over rough terrain and up to 140 km/hour on the road. Tigr is capable to force a crossing over water ways with the depth of 1.2 meter.

The Tigr GAZ-2330 can be armed with light machine gun or grenade launcher. Hatches and brackets for installation of 7.62mm Pecheneg machinegun and 30mm AGS-17 grenade launchers are mounted on the vehicle’s roof. The windows of GAZ-233036 special police vehicles are equipped with firing ports.