24/08/2017 22:26

SBS presents new weapons and equipment: Spear, Harop, LAHAT, Zerbe

Several weapon systems of Azerbaijan State Border Service (SBS) were presented.

“AzeriDefence” informs, at the event at SBS where president Ilham Aliyev was also participating several weapon systems, optic systems, border observation equipment were demonstrated.

At the video of State Television it can be seen that SBS has weapon systems that several other countries don’t have.

It can be seen that SBS’s SPEAR 120 mm automatic mortar complex of “Elbit Systems” is mounted on BTR-70 chassis. BTR-70s in their turn are modernized at SBS maintenance center. The vehicle with new engine and control system is indexed as BTR-70S.

Other novelty is new combat module on 4×4 “Cobra” armored vehicle. Combat module is equipped with one NSVT 12.7 mm machine gun, AQS-30 automatic mortar and 2 LAHAT anti-tank laser rockets. Combat module is also equipped with any-weather electric-optic system, laser range scope and laser pointer. Range of LAHAT rockets shooted from land platform is 8 km and from helicopter – 13 km.

As the first customer of “Zerbe K1” kamikadze UAV (loitering munition) of Ministry of Defence Industry, SBS showed this ammunition as well.

ZERBE loitering munition

Other notable equipment is Israel’s IAI “Harop” loitering munition. SBS commandership showed “Harop” and its use during battles of April, 2016, to president Ilham Aliyev.

At the show cast were also presented various sniper rifles, optic sights, surface observation radars used by SBS.