20/02/2017 23:53

SHIBLI presents thermal imaging product at IDEX-2017

SHIBLI exhibits its flagship thermal imaging product line at IDEX 2017.

SHIBLI the only private manufacturer of thermal imagers in Pakistan makes its way forward into the Middle Eastern Defence Industry by showcasing its advance uncooled thermal imaging product line comprising of Tarsier Thermal Weapon Sight and SKUA LR Long Range Thermal Binocular. 

Tarsier Thermal Weapon Sight, by SHIBLI is designed around uncooled thermal imaging core boasting 640×480 High Resolution FPA. Tarsier supports picatiny rail mounting and therefore can be mounted on any small arm including HMG 12.7mm, LMG, HSR, LSR, SMGs and Assault rifles. The high-performance core and cutting edge optics of Tarsier Thermal Weapon Sight enable the user to detect targets up to 4 km with crisp and clear image and target accurately with the help of digital bore sighting and firing computation.

Simple 5 button interface, and ability to operate for more than 10 hours on Standard AA battery pack emphasizes on the optimized designed by SHIBLI tounderstand and provide for all sorts of Military and Law Enforcement operations including but not limited to surveillance, border security, port security, sniper operations. Tarsier is easy to carry and perfect solution for forces in security role.

Tarsier is ruggedized and mil-spec, assuring quality and no compromise in any situation or terrain during any operations. Thus, giving the user the confidence, awareness and edge in the time of need.

Following the same philosophy SHIBLI plans to research and develop advanced thermal imaging solutions for land and navy. 

SHIBLI is the sole private manufacturer of thermal imagers based in Pakistan with expertise and R&D in optimized thermal imaging.