18/05/2017 23:28

“Shimshak” turret finalizes tests

Joint product of Production Union “Cihaz” of Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense Industry and “SHERG Engineering”  – “Shimshak” turret finalizes tests, AzeriDefence was informed by the Ministry of Defense Industry, which participated at IDEF 2017 exhibition.

Shooting tests of turret were successful. Now works are going on with other versions of turrets equipped with different caliber weapon.

“Shimshak” turret has modukar design and can be equipped with different caliber weapon (14.5, 20, 23, 30mm).

Presently, “Shimshak” differs from the original turrets of BTR-70 armored vehicle. Turret can turn 360 degress and can shoot at air goals at 90 degrees angle. Bullet protection is at STANAG 4569 level 2 level.

As a secondary weapond this turret uses 7.62 caliber PKT machine gun.