12/11/2018 16:28

The Chief of the General Staff heard reports on the progress of the exercises – VIDEO

First Deputy Minister of Defense – Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel General Najmeddin Sadikov held a meeting with the command staff in connection with the Command-Staff War Games (CSWG).
During the meeting held in the Battle Control Center, it was reported that, according to the CSWG’s plan, the military units of the Azerbaijan Army were put on the alert and the troops have been brought up to a level of full readiness.
During the meeting, a video connection was established with the main and reserve command posts, as well as the command posts of the troops. The positions and real conditions on the frontline and in the depth of the enemy’s defense were tracked using the UAVs and other technical means.
Colonel General N. Sadikov has heard reports on the progress of the exercises, as well as about operational, reconnaissance, aviation, missile and artillery capabilities, and gave relevant instructions.