22/06/2018 23:59

The Ministry of Defense works on projects to make defense products together with ANAS

The Ministry of Defense works on projects to make some of defense products together with Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS).

According to “AzeriDefence”, the information was given by Defense Minister, colonel-general Zakir Hasanov.

The Minister said, some of defense products that were made on the basis of the projects together with ANAS have already been tested, and the improvement process is continuing.

Armament process is going on continuously, and the new weapons are bought, the Minister said, this process was realized according to the features of the region, conditions and situations in the frontline.

“The newest, modern and quality fighting equipments, and other military products are bought and include into the armament”, the Minister said.

The Minister also add that the military potential is improved by relationships with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, The Republic of South Africa, and other developed contries.

In general, over 40 command-staff military games, command-staff trainings, command-staff mobilization trainings, and over 20 tactical trainings were done in Azerbaijan Army in accordance with the plan of troops’ preparation in 2017.

The Minister Z.Hasanov gave information about the main issues of the preparation process of armies, and said that they focus on the learning of positive fighting experience in the modern war and local armed conflicts, improving of skills and competents of practical actions related to the battlefield tasks of troops, developing of the level of professionalism of commanders and officers of headquarters in operation and fighting preparation.