27/10/2015 12:21

This year the Russian military base in Abkhazia has received more than 80 pieces of modern military equipment

This year units of the Russian military base in Abkhazia was armed with more than 80 units of modern military equipment – armoured personnel carriers BTR-82AM, mobile reconnaissance points PRP-4A “Argus” and lorries KAMAZ-53212.

Military equipment was delivered to the formation from manufacturers by rail.

Thus, the plan for delivering new equipment to the formation for 2015 was fully implemented, while the share of modern samples makes up more than 80 percent.

BTR-82AM is a deep modernization of armoured personnel carriers BTR-80 and BTR-80A. More powerful engines, quick 30-mm gun 2A72 are mounted, improved system of signal communications, surveillance and targeting is improved.

Modern mobile reconnaissance station (MRS) PRP-4A “Argus” on the basis of the infantry combat vehicle BMP-2 is equipped with an infrared thermal imaging device and a laser rangefinder. It is intended for artillery reconnaissance, ground artillery’s fire control. Crew of MRS consists of 4 men: commander of the vehicle, reconnaissance operator, topographical surveying and radiotelephone operator, driver.

The vehicle’s mass amounts more than 13 tons, can reach speed up to 65 km/h on land and more than 7 km/h on water. When once refueling, the vehicle covers the distance up to 500 km and is capable of performing tasks at ambient temperatures down to minus 40 ° C at a height of about 3 thousand meters above sea level.

There is a necessary set of technical means: radar 1L-120-1 can detect a single person at a distance up to 7 km and a tank recognizes even at a distance of 16 km. The laser rangefinder can determine a range on large objects at a distance of 10 km, and on buildings or, for example, such objects such as hills up to 25 km. There is also equipment for organizing of remote observation post.

Reconnaissance station has excellent masking system due to thermal smoke equipment of repeated action, providing installation of non-viewed smokescreen with the width up to 150 meters.