27/12/2015 19:34

Turkey security forces contracts Otokar for Cobra II Tactical Armored Vehicle

The government of Turkey has awarded Otokar a $52 million contract to support the production and delivery of the Cobra II Tactical Armored Vehicle, told Otokar.

Under the contract, Otokar will manufacture the vehicles for the Turkish security forces, with delivery expected to be completed in the first half of 2017. The contract also includes maintenance and support services.

The Cobra II is a follow-up to Otokar’s legacy Cobra Vehicle. According to the company, the updated platform provides upgraded technical and tactical capabilities, including improved mobility, higher ballistic and mine protection, and increased payload capacity. The 4×4 vehicle is designed for both urban and peacekeeping missions with an optional amphibious feature.

Otokar is Turkey’s largest privately owned defense provider and largest land system manufacturer.