13/03/2017 15:36

Turkey sells Drone Killer system to Azerbaijan

The Turkish company Harp Arge A.S. sold to Azerbaijan its Drone Savar Gun (Drone Killer) system, designed to combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), reads a message from the company.

In the press-release of the company ot was noted that antidrone system created by “Harp Arge” company itself was tested by Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Antidrone system was tested successfully and was accepted by Azerbaijan.

This is the company’s first deal to export military systems to Azerbaijan.

Drone Killer, first produced in Turkey by Harp Arge, is currently being actively used by the General Directorate of Security and the Turkish Armed Forces to actively fight terrorism.

Drone Killer applies high speed electromagnetic interference to disrupt communications between the drone its control unit resulting in the drones malfunction. With the ability to function silently immediately without negative consequences to human health, public safety the environment, Drone Killer provides the most effective solution to combatting rogue drones.