22/06/2016 23:27

Turkish company STM modernization Pakistani submarines

Turkish company STM has achieved major success as it was awarded the submarine modernization tender initiated by Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production against the company which has built the submarines.

STM has marked major success in being awarded the international tender that was initiated for the half-life modernization of class “Agosta 90B” submarines (Khalid class) in the inventory of Pakistani Naval Forces; competing against the French company which designed and built the submarines themselves. Covering a total of 3 submarine modernization orders; 1 of which is confirmed in addition to 2 orders on an optional basis; the contract was signed on 22 June 2016 in Rawalpindi/Pakistan; between Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production and STM; under the supervision of officials from the Embassy of Pakistan in Turkey and the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries.

As part of the project regarding the modernization of class “Agosta 90B” submarines; STM entered a long, compelling competitive evaluation process with French DCNS Shipyard which undertook the designing and production operations for the aforementioned submarines. After a tendering process beginning on April 16, STM was found to be technically and commercially superior and was selected as the main contractor to sign the contract. The modernization operations will be performed at a local shipyard in Pakistan. The first submarine will be delivered in 45 months. The other submarines are estimated to be modernized with 1 year in between the modernization of each.