09/11/2015 18:39

Ukrainian Navy to receive two Gyurza-M boats

General of the Army Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, visited JSC Leninskaya Kuznya Plant.

He stressed the Ukrainian Navy undergo development and will receive up-to-date equipment.

“Soon, we see completely new Navy,” General of the Army Viktor Muzhenko announced.

It is estimated that new Gyurza-M river armoured artillery boats will be launched soon.

Project 58150 “GYURZA”
River armored artillery boat (RAAB) structurally is the boat with citadel armored protection scheme covered the wheelhouse, engine room, artillery section, tower barbettes meant for protection of bullets with caliber 5,56 (SS-109 patron – NATO standard) and bullets caliber 7,62 mm of 1943.

Length overall
Width   overall
Side height by middle
Draft by full displacement
Displacement, t
Speed on deep and quiet water at 15ºC
Full ahead
Cruising range
At economic speed
Boat endurance with foodstuffs
20,70 m
18,00 m
3,90 m
2,25 m
0,70 m

34,41 t
38,38 t
39,91 t

27,80 knots
11,00 knots

450 miles
5 days